RF Amplifier 50M-6GHz Broadband Gain Amplifier 18dB Power LNA1-6G-20DB


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Product application:
This amplifier has the advantages of wide frequency range, stable gain, small noise figure, large dynamic range (+20dBm1dBP), etc., and is especially suitable for various radio frequency emission circuits, and increases the communication distance! Widely used in short wave, FM radio, remote control receiver, cable TV signal amplifier, Beidou, GPS satellite navigation, 2.4G Bluetooth, WIFI receiver, such as radio frequency amplification!The amplifier is provided with a shielding shell, and is provided with an anti reverse protection diode.
Technical indicators:

1. Supply voltage:5VDirect(Typical current value100MA)
2. Gain:19.5DB Input output impedance:50Ohm
3. P1DB:20dBm(50Under ohm load)
4. Input signal:<=0DBM(greater than0dBmThe output signal has been distorted by input)
5. Bandwidth:50MHzreach6GHz(Different frequency, gain is different, specific please refer toS21Curve index)
6. Noise figure:3.5dB(3GHzCase measurement)
7. With metal case shielding
8. Other: when different gain values are needed, can reduce the power supply voltage.
Package included:
1 x 50M-6GHz Broadband Gain Amplifier