RF Signal Source AD9959 Signal Generator Four Channel DDS Module Performance Is Far More Than AD9854


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Name: UAF42 filter

Size: 81x61mm
Supply voltage: DC5V
Infos: Click here!
Chip Features:
1. Four 500 MSPS synchronous DDS channels
2. Independent frequency / phase / amplitude control between all channels
3. Frequency, phase and amplitude changes when the delay match
4 excellent channel isolation
5. Sweep function
6. Up to 16 modulation (pin selection)
7. Programmable DAC full-scale current
Chip Applications:
Stochastic local oscillator (LO) frequency synthesis
Phased array radar / sonar
Synchronous clock
RF source for AOTF (acousto-optic tunable recorder)

Package inckuded:

1 x RF Signal Source AD9959 Signal Generator