Robot-M Kit Smart Car Robot Kit For Arduino Open Source


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If you plan on doing a smart car based on arduino, Robot-M robot kit will be your choice, it is entirely based on the Arduino open source platform, with three layers body, the bottom is used to install the motor can also be used to extend tracing, obstacle avoidance sensor, the second layer can be used to install the battery, and extended speed function, the top is used to install the control board and various types of sensors.
Even if you are a novice, can use it to get the building starting to create a platform for a simple, entry test, to finally make a full personality, feature-rich moving robots, all will bring you fun.
It is an intelligent mobile platform + Arduino learning platform, so whether you are a novice or a veteran, like Arduino, then from now on!


Input voltage range: 3-9V
Operating voltage: 9V
Working current: 800MA
Traveling speed: 0.8m / s (MAX)
Motor drive: High MOS drive
Infrared remote control distance: 8 meters (MAX)
Bluetooth remote control distance: 10 meters (MAX)
Body diameter: 14.8cm
Body height: 9cm (excluding board)
AGL: 1.3cm
Vehicle weight: About 750 grams (without batteries)

Note: This is a DIY kit, without instruction supply. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Package includes:

3 x ROBOT-M chassis
2 x TT DC gear motor
2 x 65mm rubber wheel
2 x L-type bracket
2 x Universal ball
1 x I2C LCD module
1 x Blue bird UNO board
1 x PM-R3 motor drive expansion board
1 x SPP-CA Bluetooth module
1 x Remote control transmitter receiver module
1 x Fire receiver
2 x Button
3 x Blue LED
3 x Red LED
10 x 10K resistor
10 x 1K resistor
10 x Cable ties
8 x 35mm pillar single-pass (with screw)
4 x 8mm pillar (with screw)
4 x 12mm pillar (with screw)
2 x 14500 battery box (with screw)
1 x Power switch
1 x DC charging socket
2 x Mini breadboard
15 x Dupont line (male-male)
15 x Dupont line (female-male)
Heat Shrink Tubing + Screws (Several)