SANWU HF183 TPA3116 2X50W Digital Bluetooth Receiver Module Amplifier Board U Disk TF Card Decoder


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Audio mode:
1. U disk TF card decoding playback (support FLAC, WAV , MP3, WMA format decode)
2. Bluetooth receiving playback
Supply voltage: DC 8 – 26V (DC power supply)
Current: 5A
Amplifier chip: digital amplifier chip TPA3116 with heat sink, stereo, power 2X50W.(More than 24V 3A switching power supply is recommended, it can’t use the transformer to power supply) 
Additional features: FM radio function, it can use remote control to receive control (infrared)

FM: needs to use the FM FM radio function. Please first weld a long conductor on the FM antenna pad. When the antenna is not good, the radio is not good enough to receive the radio, that is, the antenna is long and depends on the window point.

FM use: first switch to the FM mode, and then press the PLAY key, as long as you automatically search the radio you will loose hands. After the search is finished automatically, the radio is switched on the next tune.
Package included:

1 x HF183 Digital Bluetooth Amplifier Board 
1 x Remote Control