SANWU TPA3110 DC 10V-25V 2x15W Dual Channel Wireless Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier Board


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1. Audio Input: Wireless Bluetooth
2. Max. Receiving Distance: 10 Meter
3. Power Output: Dual-channel 15W+15W
4. Applicable Speaker Impedance: 4/6/8/10 ohm
5. Supply Voltage: DC 10~25 V(recommended DC 12V More than 2A)
6. Power Supply Interface: 2.54 mm x 3PIN
7. Speaker Interface: 2.54 mm x 2PIN
8. Size(L*W*H):58 x 38 x 10 mm


1. Dual channel of 15W+15W power output.
2. Sound quality is very good by using this module.
3. Wireless Bluetooth audio input and the Max. receiving distance is 10 M.

Package included:

1 x TPA3110 2x15W Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier Board