Super LM2577 DC-DC 5-25V To 0.5-25V 30W 3A Automatic Adjustable Step-Up And Step-Down Module


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Input voltage range: 5.0-25V

Output voltage range: 0.5V-25V

Continuous output current: 3A (max) if long work, please ensure that within 2A

Continuous input current: 3A (max) if long work please ensure that within 2A

Input / Output power: 30W (max)

Input / Output Current: Input / Output Current (Uin * Iin * Efficiency = Uout * Iout) under rated conditions based on power conservation

Dimensions: 48 x 26 x 13mm (L x W x H)

Instructions and precautions:

IN+: input positive

IN-: input negative

OUT+: output positive

OUT-: output negative pole

Enable switch: disconnect shorting cap module stop output

1. no Input reverse polarity protection, reverse will burn, please note the polarity when in use.
2. output short circuit module will automatically stop the output, re-plug the enable switch, the shorting cap can be restored.
3. the module at no load and off load prone startup transient output voltage exceeds a preset voltage, it is not suitable for voltage sensitive equipment.

Boost efficiency:

5.0V to 12V/1A efficiency of 86.3%

7.4V to 12V/1A efficiency of 88.7%

12V to 18V/1A efficiency of 88.3%

18V to 24V/1A efficiency of 87.3%

Buck efficiency:

5V to 3.3V/3A efficiency of 74.2%

12V to 5V/3A efficiency of 83.8%

24V to 12V/2A efficiency of 86.4%

24V to 18V/2A efficiency of 87.6%

The step-up and step-down mode efficiency:

12V to 12V/3A efficiency of 87.4%

5V to 5V/2A efficiency of 81.4%

Package included:

1 x DC-DC step-up and step-down module