TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver Board Single Axis Controller With LM317 Voltage Stabilizing Chip


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1.On-board TB6560AHQ low power dissipation , high integration two-phase hybrid stepping motor driver chip
2.On-board 74 HC123 chip, support the stepping motor to be automatic half flow
3.On-board can change the fuse block,  Defaulting installation 3A fuse
4.On-board two 0.2 ohms power cement resistance
5.On-board six dial switch, which can set the current size, segmentation and attenuation.
6.On-board LM317 voltage stabilizing chip, can supply power to the part of the circuit
7.On-board three SVA couplers, isolation interference effectively, and improve the system stability
8.On-board 10 binding post, connecting power, input and output easy.
9.On-board four LED lights, showing the various states of the board
10.Plate printing setup instructions,you can operatewithout instructions
11.PCB board size: 75 (mm) x48 (mm)

Package included:

1 x TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver Board