TDA2030A 2.0 Audio Amplifier Module Board 18W*2 Double Track DIY Kit


TDA2030A 2.0 Audio Amplifier Module Board 18W*2 Double Track DIY Kit


This circuit consists of two channels, including W101 as the volume potentiometer, W102 bass adjust potentiometer, W103 for high adjust potentiometer.
The input audio signal after the volume and tone control by the C106, C206 sent to TDA2030 integrated audio power amplifier.


This is a DIY kit, you need to have some knowledge of electronics and ability.
This kit does not provide instruction.

Schematic: Click to open


Working voltage: AC9 ~ 12V
Output power: Left and right channel 18 w x2 (horn)
Output impedance: 4-8Ω
PCB size: 12 x 5.5 cm(L*W)

Package list:

Component Label Value Number
Diode (1N4407) D1, D2, D3, D4 1N4007 4
Resistance R101,R201 RTI-0.25~1KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R102,R202 RTI-0.25~10KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R103,R203 RTI-0.25~1.5KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R104,R204 RTI-0.25~5.6KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R105,R205 RTI-0.25~1KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R106,R206 RTI-0.25~1KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R107,R207 RTI-0.25~33KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R108,R208 RTI-0.25~47KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R109,R209 RTI-0.25~300KΩ ±5% 2
Resistance R110,R210 RTI-0.25~10KΩ ±5% 2
Duplex Potentionmeter W101, W102, W103 50K 3
Electrolytic Capacitor C1, C2, C3, C4 2200uf/25V 4
Polyester Capacitor C5, C6 0.1uf 2
Ceramics Capacitors C101, C201 4700pf 2
Ceramics Capacitors C102, C202 22nf 2
Ceramics Capacitors C103, C203 220nf 2
Ceramics Capacitors C104, C204 22nf 2
Ceramics Capacitors C105, C205 10nf 2
Ceramics Capacitors C106, C206 47nf 2
Ceramics Capacitors C107, C207 0.1uf 2
Aluminum Heat Sink / / 2
TDA2030A IC1, IC2 TDA2030A 2
M3 Screw / 3mm 2
PCB / / 1
Terminal (HT3.96-2P) / / 2
Terminal (HT3.96-3P) / / 1
Headset Seat / / 1

Reference diagram: