TDA2030A Subwoofer Amplifier Board 2.1 3-Channel Compatible LM1875


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TDA2030A Subwoofer Amplifier Board 2.1 3-Channel Compatible LM1875

The main parameters:

Left and right channels: TDA2030Ax2. Power: 18W + 18W, suggested 2.5-4 inches, 4-8 ohms 10-30W of full-range speakers.
Bass output: TDA2030Ax1, Power: 18W (≤250HZ) suggested 5-8 inches, 4-8 ohms 20-50W woofers.
Power: AC double AC9-15V transformer, we recommend double AC12V power is above 25W (2A) transformer.
PCB Materials: FR-4 fiberglass board, thickness: 1.6mm.
Board Size: 79 x 95 x 60mm (length x width x height), containing the radiator height.
Tone plate size: 79 x 23 x 25mm (length x width x height), excluding potentiometer handle length.
Potentiometer axis distance: 28mm, potentiometer mounting holes required: 7mm diameter
Cable: Motherboard and pitch plate come with 30CM long 6P cable.
It should be powered by AC 12V transformer (package not included), then connect computer or speader directly.
Net weight: 158g

Package includes:

1 x TDA2030A Subwoofer Amplifier Board