TDA7492 2X50W AUX Wired Wireless Dual Class D Bluetooth Power Amplifier Module


Voltage: DC 8V-20V, support four 18650 power supply
Power: 2 X 50W
Gain: 2 X 100W
Speaker impedance: 4 ohms, 6 ohms, 8 ohms
TDA7492 amplifier module function:
The TDA7492 is the first amplifier on the market with a power rating of 50W+50W and features an advanced sixth-generation BCD6S process that supports monolithic OTO integration of analog, logic and high-voltage functions (bipolar/CMO/S/DMOS). 
Compared to other Class D amplifiers, the high chip area energy efficiency ratio also reduces crosstalk and improves sound quality. In addition, the BCD69 allows the integration of NMOS and PMOS complementary transistors in the high power output circuit, eliminating the need for external bootstrap and cathode load diodes required by older processes. This method system simplifies design, saves board space, improves product design reliability, and optimizes material costs.
Package included:
1 X TDA7492 digital HIFI power amplifier board with shell