TDA7498E DC 15V To 36V 2X160W 8A High Power Digital Amplifier Board


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Power amplifier chip: 2 X 160W chip

Output power: 2 X 160W
Use the 4 ohm impedance horn unit
Input voltage: 36V DC
The output power: 160W+160W
Working voltage: DC 15~36V DC direct current belt input polarity protection
The sound box is large enough, and the recommended voltage is 32V, and the DC power is above 8A, and the power is too small
Horn impedance: 4 ohm,6 ohm,8 ohm
Heat dissipation mode: temperature control forced air cooling
Heat sink temperature to a certain degree fan operation forced heat dissipation

Package included:

1 X TDA7498E digital amplifier board