TES1-4903 20x20mm 5V Thermoelectric Cooler Semiconductor Refrigeration Film Heatsink Peltier Module


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Note for use in refrigeration:

1. The red wire is connected to the power wire is connected to the anode, cathode, and without cooling conditions, the instantaneous power of the test, which touch the two end of the refrigerator, you will feel a fever, a little have a fever cold, heat, cold side cold. But time can not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise the hot end temperature is too high, extremely easy to cause the device to burn out.

2. Under normal conditions, the lead with red is usually expressed as the positive pole: usually with black as the negative, this is the work of the thermoelectric cooler wiring method. When the current polarity is changed, the polarity of the current can be changed. Refrigeration work must adopt the switching power supply, power supply ripple coefficient should be less than 10%.

3. The number of the thermocouple and the limit voltage of the thermocouple identification method, the number of pairs of thermocouple P, N node. For example: cooler model for TEC1-12706, 127 for cooler thermocouple logarithm, 06 allowable current value: A, the threshold voltage is logarithmic thermocouple cooler * 0.12, for example: limit voltage V TECI-12706 = 127 x 0.12 = 15.4 (V). The normal operating voltage is 78% of the limit voltage, such as the working voltage of 15.4*0.78=12.01V is TEC1-12706.

4. All kinds of cooler in use or in the test, the cooling and heating temperature of hot and cold exchange should be returned to the room temperature (usually more than 15 minutes). It is easy to cause damage of refrigerator.

5. In order to prolong the life of the thermoelectric cooler, sealing the deal with refrigeration components around. We have two kinds of methods, one is the use of 704 silicone seal; the other is a mining epoxy resin seal, seal is designed to make the refrigerator completely isolated thermocouple with the outside air. Plays the role of anti moisture and moisture, and can prolong the life of the cooler.

6. At the time of installation, the first two will wipe the refrigeration assembly clean, and in cooler for hot and cold surface evenly coated with a thin layer of thermal grease. The surface contact with the cooler is aluminum radiator or cold storage plate should be smooth, and wipe clean, also on the surface evenly coated with thermal grease; cooler during installation must be good contact with the cold storage cold plate, hot surface should also fully contact surface and the aluminum radiator, (as with screw fastening screws, several force should be uniform, not excessive or uneven force). In order to achieve the best cooling effect, application of thermal insulation material is filled between the cold storage board and aluminum radiator, the thickness of 25-30mm is appropriate.

7. Cooling plate suggested between 150PSI to 300PSI, the pressure is too low will cause cooling plate contact surface is bad, too much pressure, will damage the cooling plate.

8. The user has no special equipment in the case, to determine the cause of the cooler is qualified, mainly to test its resistance. You can use a data bridge or a resistance meter with compensation to measure the resistance of the cooler. Using a multimeter to test the static resistance refrigeration component is not accurate, only for reference.

9. In the process of handling and installation of the refrigerator, the operator should be gently, no refrigeration piece fall from a height, even at the height of the 10-20cm will cause the internal resistance of cooler produced significant changes, resulting in damage to the refrigerator.

10. A semiconductor refrigerating sheet used in the following situations, the life may be cut: A, the frequent use of alternating hot and cold B, vibration condition using C, a hot end radiator temperature exceeds 65 degrees D, working voltage (recommended the use of overpressure does not exceed the limit voltage 70%) cooling plate heating surface E, cooling plate contact F, not around the sealing glue used in humid environment

11. A semiconductor refrigerating sheet used in the following occasions, there will be rapid damage may: heating surface A, cooling pad does not contact any cooling objects B, cooling plate voltage exceeds the limit voltage pressure C, cooling plate more than 500PSI.

Package included:

1 x TES1-4903 thermoelectric cooler