TGC700 4-20mA 10V Voltage Current Signal Generator 20mA Signal Transmitter With LCD 1602 Display


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TGC1700 is a dual output current and voltage signal generator.
TGC1701 voltage, current, one page display (default).
TGC1702 voltage and current are shown in two pages.
Can produce signals, respectively 0~20mA current signal and 0~10V signal.
The module is simple to use and input data by keystroke operation, and the output signal is updated immediately.
Use LCD 1602 display.
Active current 0~20mA output, accuracy 0.5%.
Voltage 0-10V output, accuracy 0.5%.
Polarity protection of input voltage.
Product application:
Signal generator
Valve regulator
Instrument calibration
PC terminal operation interface:
The function range selection, step value and rapid separation of the software.
The communication interface TXD and RXD need cross connect.
Download cable need to be purchased separately!
Package includes:
1 x Signal Generator