The J-link OB ARM Emulator Debugger Programmer Downloader JLINK Instead Of V8 SWD


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Product introduction:
J-Link OB is developed by SEGGER, a series of independent simulation troubleshooting search, are generally to large companies on the evaluation board ( "on-board"), which is the suffix "OB" reason. This set of named & ldquo; Whether J-Link-? Simulation download debugger with USB communication function, can communicate with the PC, the other end by SWD / JTAG and can make communication devices, bug fixes simulation download troubleshooting.
J-Link OB simulation debugger against the original J-Link OB jtag interface, only retains the swd interface, many companies use the ARM kernel debug-MCU download.
Support object:
All swd interface with the ARM7 9 11 and Cortex M0's M2's M3 M4's A5's A8's A9 series embedded microcontroller.
The generation of vendors to support MCU
ST (st) and Freecale (Freescale Carle), Nuvoton (Xin Tang), (En Zhipu), TI (TI)
Cypress, for Atmel (SAI Plath), Analog (Adno), Fujitsu (Fuji), for Toshiba
Energy Micro.
connection mode
SWD mode
Support IDE software
J-Flash ARM, wedge MDK-ARM, IAR EWARM, CoIDE mikroC, PRO for ARM, nRFgo Studio
Function and performance
Programming function: Shaoxie FLASH-ROM, EEPROM, AFR etc ..
Function: full speed support simulation, single step debugging, stoppoint troubleshooting, and other troubleshooting methods, see IO state variable data.
Programming power: with USB2.0 interface, SWD-DOWNLOAD, download-speed!
Performance simulation: simulation debugging, with USB2.0 interface step debugging, halterpunkt debugging, quick response!
The shop alone design and development, technical support, super weapon to study the development of ARM, user-friendliness!
Product features:

1, the interface is simplified, the four line: VCC, SWDIO, SWCLK, GND four interface, compared to JTAG, can save a variety of IO, high speed, download error search.
2, fully compatible with the traditional J-Link, with all the functions of the J-Link.
3, with the Mirco usb interface (the smart phone with the type of data), general line.
4, 3.3V output, also can give the target marine power supply, convenient debugging and download.
5, onboard recovery fuse, avoid damage to the circuit board, safer.
6, has a unique ID logo, several devices at the same time troubleshooting is not conflict.
7, with a transparent shrink tube, beautiful and intimate protection.
8, stable work, no loss of the firmware.
The size of the 9, only u-disk, simple circuit, stable and reliable, convenient to move and carry.

Package included:

1 x J-Link debugger
1 x USB cable
1 x 4-pin jumper