TK2050 50W+50W Audio Amplifier Board T Class Dual Channel HIFI Stereo


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Work mode: T class
Output power: 50 W x 2
Audio Input: low signal input
Suitable Music Box: Any 4-8 ohm
Efficiency: 92%
Switching frequency: 650 KHz
Working voltage: DC 12V ~ DC 20V (recommended voltage DC 19V)
Static Current: 10~95 mA
PCB Size(L*W*H): 95 x 65 x 15 mm
1.Class T digital amplifier board, non generic class AB as TDA7492, TPA3123 unmatched, distortion and power are not in an order of magnitude. 
2.Class T amplifier class AB amplifier sound quality comparable to both new and efficient Class D amplifier, using original Class-T Digital TK2050 chip designed with good sound quality, low distortion, high efficiency, good use of materials, small size, appearance generous.
3.In order to guarantee high-quality sound, the use of imported audio-specific capacitors, such as imported ERO, ELNA SILMIC Ⅱ ruby.
Class T amplifier technology highlights:
1.Compared with traditional high class AB audio amplifier, power amp or even catch up with fever.
2.Single supply design, wide DC voltage power supply.
3.The use of a fever-level audio input coupling capacitor, the sound quality is more beautiful.
Package Included:
1 x Amplifier Board