Trigger Cycle Timer Switch Delay Circuit MOS Control Board Instead of Relay Module


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1. Realize high frequency and fast frequency of circuit breaking.
2. The process of breaking will not generate noise.
3. No spark.
4. There will be no electromagnetic interference.
5. Longer life than common electromagnetic relay. Often used for control of motor, light bulb, LED lamp belt, dc motor, mini water pump, solenoid valve, etc.
Size: 64.2mm * 39.5mm * 13mm
Output capacity: DC 7 ~ 30V
Maximum current: 5A
Quiescent current: 20mA
Working current: 50mA
Operating voltage: DC DC 7 ~ 30V (common operating voltage 9v 12V 24V)
Signal voltage: DC DC4V ~ 27V (common power supply positive trigger, or button, PNP sensor, PLC signal, etc.)
Life: unlimited switch
Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85 ° C
Input and output using optocoupler isolation, enhanced anti-jamming power consumption, to ensure stability, industrial-grade circuit boards, PLC, set the parameters of memory can be permanently remembered, the signal can maintain a long time voltage signal.
P-1: The signal triggers the relay to pull in, when the time is up, the relay is off, during the delay
A: Re-trigger invalid B: Re-trigger timing again C: Re-trigger relay reset finish timing
P-2: Signal triggering starts counting time T1, when time reaches the relay pull-in, time T2 is off (reset)
A: Re-trigger invalid B: Trigger again re-count C: Do not need to trigger the power to start the delay
P-3: Recycling use: Turn on T1, Disconnect T2, Endless cycle. T1 and T2, the time is adjustable
If you connect or disconnect a parameter to 0, can achieve power-on delay or power delay, power off does not cycle
A: After power on, the relay immediately energized B: After the relay is energized, the relay is turned off and then ON again
P-4: Have signal, the relay is pull in and keep, when the signal is disappears, the timer starts. When the time is up, the relay is off. During the delay time, the signal is again given, the delay is canceled, the relay is kept, the signal disappears and the time is re-counted.
Key Settings Description:
K1: Function selection key: long press K1 key for 2 seconds, appear P *, short press K1 to select mode, press K2 to enter mode
K2: Shift key: Press to adjust the flashing position of digital tube, which digital tube flashes, K3 will adjust the value of flashing digital tube. Until you press K2, digital tube no longer flashing,  time setting is complete, automatically save the set time and power-off memory
K3: Digital tube flashing: K3 adjust the digital changes, 0 to 9 followed by changes.
When the digital tube display is normal: K3 adjust the decimal point position, the decimal point in the first digit means from 0 to 999 minutes; in the tens digit means 0 to 99.9 seconds; no decimal point means 0 to 999 seconds
Note 1: After selecting the working mode, short press K1 to enter the function of A, B, C switching, the digital tube will not display A or B or C, only after short press K1 to trigger signal , then it will default display A
Note 2: Function P-2 and P-3 have two groups of time to be adjusted, prees K2 six times for one group, the first three times to adjust one time, and another three times for the second time. (Blue LED light indicates the pull in of relay time and blue LED light indicates the disconnect time of setting relay.)
Package includes:
1 x Relay module