U119 Altera MAX II EPM240 CPLD Development Board Experiment Board Learning Breadboard


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The product is ALTERA MAX II family CPLD chip EPM240T100C5N minimum system board, together with a Byte-Blaster and USB-Blaster Download for product validation and development. JTAG and power supply interface board has been set aside, and leads to all the pins, simply connect the 5V power supply can work extremely convenient to use. The CPLD chip for the entry of low-cost CPLD / FPGA is very appropriate, the user according to the IO port of the core plate leads to expansion of the external circuitry such as: LED lights, digital tube, LCD liquid crystal, serial communications, etc. . Facilitate the users to develop their own products to maximize the learning development cost savings for the user.
chip board EPM240T100C5
Board JTAG interface,
Active board 50MHZ crystal
With a programmable LED
With a 5V chip turn 3.3V AMS1117-3.3 switch
5 V power supply with switch
All the leads all the IO
The board size 5CM * 7CM

Package included:

1 x U119 Altera MAX II EPM240 CPLD Development Board