Ultimate Starter Kit DIY Projects Student Education Program For Raspberry Pi 3


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You can do following projects with this kit:

1. Output signal from Raspberry Pi GPIO pin to LED
2. Mercurry Tilt switch work with Raspberry Pi
3. Drive 16×2 LCD with Raspberry Pi
4. Drive I2C 1602 LCD with Raspberry Pi
5. Drive DHT11 Temperature Sensor with Raspberry Pi
6. Drive Servo Motor with Raspberry Pi


This starter kit is amazing for work with raspberry computer

Package included:

1x Solderless Prototype Breadboard
1x T-type GPIO Extension Board
1x 40 Pin Ribbon Cable
1x IIC/I2C 1602 Serial LCD Module
1x SG90 Servo Motor
1x 5V 1-Channel Relay Module
1x DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module
1x BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module
1x HC-SR501 Infrared Motion Sensor Module
3x Potentiometer (10kilohm adjustable resistor)
1x Mercury Switch Sensor Module
1x 8 Channel Logic Level Converter
1x Mcp3008-I/P Analog To Digital Converter
1x Piezo Buzzer
3x GL5516 Photoresistor (Light Sensor)
24x LED (6 x White, 6 x Red, 6 x Yellow, 6 x Green)
5x Push Buttons
1x Infrared Receiver (VS1838B)
1x Infrared Remote Controller
15x Resistors (10Kohm)
15x Resistors (1Kohm)
15x Resistors (470ohm)
15x Resistors (220ohm)
1x 40 Pin Jumper Wires (15cm, Male to Male)
2x 8 Pin Jumper Wires (20cm, Female to Female)
1x Plastic Box