Ultimate UNO R3 Starter With Stepper Servo Motor Relay RTC Kit For Arduino


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The most complete performance starter kit with all the essential arduino products.
174 PCS essential Arduino components.
Includes lastest Arduino components to turn your idea into a real product.
Arduino display includes IIC/I2C interface was developed to reduce the IO port usage on Arduino board


Simply the best Arduino kit with most complete components
These lessons are old and outdated. Tons of updated lessons and Arduino codes are availabe on Google and Youtube for free!
Just make sure that Arduino kit you ordering includes all the parts you need.

Parts included in this package:

1 x Compatable Arduino Uno R3 Board
1 x Protoshield
1 x USB Cable for Arduino R3 board
1 x Mini Breadboad for R3 Protoshield Board
1 x 4X Pin Header for Uno R3 Board
1 x I2C Address: 0x27
1 x Infrared Phototransistor
1 x Ball Switch
1 x Infrared Sensor
1 x Infrared Receiver
1 x S8050 Transistor
1 x 5516 LDR Photo Resistor
5 x Color Switch
10 x Green 3mm LED
10 x Red 3mm LED
10 x Yellow 3mm LED
1 x 1k Rotary Switch
1 x 10k Rotary Switch
1 x 100k Rotary Switch
1 x Stepper Motor
1 x Stepper Motor Controller
1 x Sound Sensor
1 x 1 Channel Realy
1 x 9Volt Battery Holder
1 x Distance Sensor
1 x Digital Temp Sensor
10 x Male to Male Dupont Cable
10 x Male to Female Dupont Cable
10 x Female to Female Dupont Cable
1 x 4 Bits Digital Tube LED
1 x 1 Bits Digital Tube LED
1 x 8×8 Dot Matrix Digital Tube
1 x Joystick controller for Arduino
1 x 74HC595IC
1 x Active Buzzer
1 x Passive Buzzer
30 x 300 ohm Resistor
30 x 1K ohm Resistor
30 x 10 ohm Resistor
1 x Straight 40 Pin Header
1 x L Shape 40 Pin Header