UNO R3 Protoshield LCD Keypad Shield Servo Motor Starter Module Kit For Arduino Beginner


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All the shields for your Arduino expansion program.
Includes the UNO R3 board and a 16-channel servo controller as well.
Note: We don't supply any instructions!

Packing: Carton packaging

Package includes:

1 x Generic Arduino-Compatible UNO R3 + USB Cable (Tested and working with Arduino IDE)
1 x UNO R3 Protoshield + Solder-less Breadboard (Goes On Top of Protoshield)
1 x 1602 Blue LCD Keypad Shield
1 x 16-Channel Servo Controller (Servos Sold Separately)
1 x Motor Driver Expansion Shield L293D (Drives Up to two servos and stepper motors)
1 x Hanrun W5100 Ethernet Shield & SD Card Adapter
1 x Sensor Shield