V56 Universal LCD TV / HD / VGA / USB / AV Card Driver Interface Driver Board


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Constructed in 19 '' program panels Model: M190A1-L0A; M190A1-L02; M190PW01 V0; LM190WX1-TLC1
Resolution: Support for 1920 * 1080 8.9-42 inch LVDS display
Board size: 190mm x 43mm x 18mm
Program can be updated by USB, but you need to know how to do it, and know which program to choose,
we do not offer any support. If any damaged to board, we can not offer support, thank you!
Project write method:
Can be updated directly by the USB disk.
1, USB disk inserted into the board, connect the keyboard and power adapter.
2, after a few seconds, press the keyboard lights start alternating red and green flash, flash lights when you started to write programs (please do not turn off now),
3, slow flash light first, after a short time, will accelerate,
4, until the stop lights, the program have been written
5, then write the complete USB flash disk program.
Firmware is here!

Set Start LOGO method :
What you need to create the LOGO image in the USB storage, insert V56 driver board, open the LOGO image with the remote control, choose to take the figure, set the start LOGO, OK
Package included:
1 x control card
1 x remote control
1 x keyboard
1 x 4 inverter lamps
1 x 30pin 2ch-8bit lvds cable