ViVi Plen2 Humanoid Open-Source DIY Robot Kit Compatible With Arduino 3D Printer


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– Low cost and cost-effective.Part of the open source (APP except), suitable for college students, research projects, but also for geeks.
– Robot uses 12g high-sensitivity power metal gear servos, which can quickly react. Using large-torque digital servos to power the robot.(Head rotation control program hasn't developped but provide interface).
– The robot has characteristics of multi-DoF, which provides a powerful imagination for the users. With this, users can customize freely the actions of this robot according to their needs.
– It is a robot kit consisting control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself. You do not need any technical knowledge. and special tools. What you need to build this robot is just a screwdriver.
-You can remotely control the robot dozen action to facilitate performing various dance moves.


1. Approx. 7.87in tall and weighs approx. 21.16oz with 18 joints and it highly maneuverable.

2. 3D data for the main components of the robot are provided. Thus, using a 3D printer, anyone can customize the data and make their own original parts.
3. The control board of PLEN2 is an Arduino compatible control. Gadget lovers can easily do some programming and add function to PLEN2.
4. Control board for ROS MiddleWareare also lined up. Technical experts and researchers will be able to conduct fully-fledged robot development.
5. Use the currently popular ESP8266 as a controller, support STA + AP mode, 4MB of non-volatile storage space, use SPIFFS as the file system
6. Support WiFi control and provide the ViVi Robot App, support for Android, iOS devices

About Power Systems:
12g metal gear analog servos, which has high accuracy, the dummy bit small, zero dead zones, so that the robot's movements more agile.
About Controller:
18 road servos WiFi controlled driver Board.
About Wireless remote controller:
You can remotely control the robot dozen action to facilitate performing various dance moves.
About Programming Software:
as long as the mouse to operate a computer can edit the robot's movements on their own, very simple, junior high school students will operate.

Color White
Body Height 20cm
Foot Length 10.5cm
Arm Length 10.6cm
Full Weight 0.68kg
Controller 18 road servos WiFi controlled driver Board
Power Supply
Voltage 4.8V
Capacity 850mAh
Type ES08MA
Operating speed 0.12sec/60º at 4.8V; 0.10sec/60º at 6V
Stall torque 1.5/1.8 20.8/24.9 (4.8V/6v)
Operating voltage 4.8V~6.0V
Operating current 200mA/60º
Dead band 1-2 uSec
Gear Material Metal
Connector wire length 25cm
AC/DC Adapter
Input Current AC110V-240-50/60Hz
Output Current DC4.8V-250mA

For more details, please click here to download the source code and the documents.

Download and install the ViVi Robot:

1. You can click to download the Android App.
2. The 
ViVi Robot App for iOS can be search from the App Store. But you may note that When downloading the iOS App, please update your iOS 

Installation infomation:

The Assembly instructions manual for your reference.
– The Compile tools information for your reference.

Here is the control board for reference.


Must not fight, must not give someone a feeling of discomfort and must be able to inherit its characteristics.

Package Included:
1 x Robot Kit with scews
1 x Controller
1 x Adapter
1 x Power Cord

18Pcs ES08MaⅡ Sevo