WEB-UL001 USB Aging Discharge Tester Module Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load


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Optional types:

Type1: Galaxy with fan 25W
Type2: Solar without fan
Type3: Earth with fan 25W


Model: UL001 adjustable electronic load
Power Chip: Original ST
Dimensions: 96 x 40 x 22mm (Earth)
Dimensions: 96 x 40 x 22mm (Solar)
USB interface: USB2.0A male, USB2.0A female
Micro USB: 1 input
Type-C: 1 input
Coarse knob: Coarse
Fine-tuning knob: Trim
Voltage: DC5-24V
Current: 0.2-3.5A (Earth/Galaxy)
Current: 0.2-2.5A (Solar)
Power: 12W (Solar)
Power: 25W (Earth/Galaxy)
Fan voltage: 5V
Fan Control: NTC
Starting temperature: about 46°C
Power indicator: blue LED
Package includes:
1 x UL001 adjustable electronic load module

The following pictures are the test, for reference only!

Use with U3 tester to test power output power:

Interface connection:

The test results show that the operating temperature is very high and do not use over power:

Supports different power combinations in series:
Note: The total current of the first USB head is not recommended to exceed 8A