Wideband Amplifier Board Microwave Radio Frequency


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Microwave Radio Frequency Wideband Amplifier Board 0.1-4000MHz Gain 20dB


Frequency range: 0.1–4000MHz
Supply voltage: 3.3–5.5VDC
Maximum power: + 3dBm (3mW) @ 1dB compression point
Operating current: 14mA (3.3V); 25mA (5.0V)
System impedance: 50 ohms
RF connector: SMA female standard


Low voltage, low current, speed, small-signal amplifier.
The amplifier has a wide frequency range, gain stability, low supply voltage, current consumption, etc, can be used for amplification of RF signals, widely used in FM radio, remote control receiver, cable TV, gps, Beidou receiver, wifi Bluetooth receiver circuit, a low-noise, high overload amplifier!

Package included:

1 x Amplifier Board