Wireless Controller Arduino Starter Kit UNO R3 Board + Active Buzzer for Smart Robot Tank Car Chass


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– This Arduino uno development kit, is designed based on the Arduino uno board, together with 2-channel & 16-channel servo shield board to drive the tank and 2WD car. In addition, There has wireless contoller and receiver, you can control the tank car via wireless control.
Provide source code, APP, and manual.


About Active Buzzer:

– Size: 3.2cm * 1.3cm
– Module Interface Description:

 1. VCC external 3.3V-5V voltage (which can be connected directly with the 5v microcontroller and 3.3v microcontroller)
 2. GND External GND
 3. I/O external microcontroller IO port

About Arduino Uno Development Kit:


  – The Arduino Uno Development Kit, with the ability to control 2 motors and 16 servos at the same time, is ideal for developing mobile robots such as robotic arms, trolleys, tank chassis and more.
  – This set of development board is based on ESP8266 development and is compatible with Arduino UNO R3.
  – It can control 2 motors and 16 servos at the same time. It is suitable for mobile robot driving control with a robotic arm. ESPduino is an Arduino board with WiFi function.

  – Can control 2-way motor and 16-way servo at the same time;
  – Using Bluetooth (reserved in-line interface) or WiFi control;
  – Using plug-in design.

  Power connection method:
  – Disconnect VM and VIN, (separate control motor, 6 ~ 36V);
  – Open circuit VS and VIN, (control servo separately, 6 ~ 18V);
  – Short circuit VM and VIN while shorting VS and 5V. At the same time control the motor (6 ~ 18V) and 16 5V servos.

Package Included:

1 x 2-channel motor&16-channel servo shield board    
1 x UNO board      
1 x USB Cable
1 x Wireless controller
1 x Receiver
1 x Active buzzer
1 set Copper pillar kit
1 x 18650 Battery box
1 x Dupont line