ZVS DC-DC 45V To 390V 780V 5A Adjustable Regulator Voltage Booster Module Capacitor Charging


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Size: 60*50*22mm (length*width*height)
Input voltage: two input voltage ranges are selectable (by jumper selection on the back of the PCB, shipping defaults to 10-32V input)
1.8-16V input (for Three-String Li-Ion and 12V battery applications)
2.10-32V input (for wide input voltage range applications)
Input current: 5A (max)
Static operating current: 15mA (12V or 50V, the higher the output voltage, the higher the static current will increase)
Output voltage: 45-390V continuously adjustable / ±45-390V continuously adjustable (this module has a voltage regulator function, the output voltage is not stable after adjusting, does not change with the input voltage change)
Output current: 0.2A MAX (related to the input and output voltage difference, the higher the output voltage, the smaller the output current)
Output power: 40W (peak 70W)
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 degrees (enhance the heat when the ambient temperature is too high)
Operating frequency: 75KHz Conversion efficiency: up to 88% (efficiency related to input, output voltage, current, differential pressure) Short-circuit protection: yes. (Input 10A fuse, please do not directly short-circuit the output arc! The direct short-circuit arc may damage the rectifier device, if you want to short-circuit the arc, please connect the power resistor in series)
Overcurrent protection: yes. (The input current exceeds 4.5A, reducing the output voltage)
Overvoltage protection: yes. (output voltage exceeds 410V, lower output voltage)
Reverse input protection: yes (non-self-recovery type, connect anti-burning fuse, try not to reverse)
Installation and connection methods:
4 screws with 3mm, solderless output terminal block (with shell for welding output)
Application range:
1. Capacitor charging, electromagnetic gun power supply.
2. Power your electronic device and set the output value according to your system voltage.
3. Withstand voltage test power supply, glow tube power supply.
4. Keep hunting and kill rats.
Charging capacitor time measured data: 470uF full to 390V time 2 seconds 1000uF full to 390V time 4 seconds 2200uF full to 390V time 8 seconds 4700uF full to 390V time 18 seconds.
Special attention: the output of this module is high pressure, which may cause danger to humans and animals. Please pay attention to safety precautions during use.
Package included:
1 X ZVS capacitor booster module