1-30Mhz LED VSWR DIY Manual Antenna Tuner Kit For HAM RADIO * CW QRP Q9 BNC Interface


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This kit welding, making easy to understand, easier to learn, easy to use. Comes with standing instructions, Q9 type interface (such as the need to own M-type interface), using T-topology networks, QRP facilitate communication with low-power transceivers (shoes, frogs, octopus, etc.) used to make transceiver and antenna effective match to meet your emission requirements, ensure efficient communication transceivers.


Days when exposed to tune straight power: <20W
Days when adjusting the input power tuning: <3W
Tuning indication: LED display
Interface: Q9 type
Operating frequency: 1-30MHz
Antenna Interface: Q9 type
The antenna impedance matching range: about: 30 ~ 300Ω
Carrying RF power: less than 15W
Tuning required RF power: less than 3W

Note: this suite for bulk, it need you to welding, drilling, installation.

Package included:

1 x DIY manual antenna tuner kit