Arduino is an open sourced electronics platform that is based on easy to use hardware and software. An Arduino board receives inputs and outputs that enable it to perform various tasks like control motors, LEDs, remotes and much much more. You can configure your board and instruct it on what to do by sending a set of specific instructions to the microcontroller on the board. To do this you must use the Arduino Programming Language which is based on wiring and the Arduino Software (IDE) based on Processing.

Arduino has over the years been the brainchild of thousands of students, professors, teachers and various industry professionals to help them create projects ranging from sophisticated to extremely simple. Due to the open sourced nature of Arduino’s hardware and software. People can customize it to their exact needs modifying both the software and the hardware which has resulted in a very active community that works together and has several projects online on various Arduino gadgets including robots and solar powered devices.

The robotics side of Arduino is certainly very fascinating. The Arduino community has created several robots used for a variety of purposes. Some for rolling around aimlessly while others were used for more complex tasks like vacuuming or detecting carbon monoxide in rooms. Here at Arduino tech, you can find everything you need to build a functioning robot from robot chassis universal wheels to metal fronts for cars to entire outer designs for the vehicles/robots. You can also get prebuild robots and vehicles that were made with the power of Arduino. You can find accessories for your robotics project anywhere from 1.7$ to all the way up to 377$. The Arduino community has several projects that deal with all sorts of robots as mentioned above that you can look up if you’re having trouble finding exactly how and what you need to get started. We recommend starting off with something simple like a forward running vehicle if you’re a novice.

Another interesting side of Arduino that we provide is the Arduino Solar modules.
The solar modules are based on the charger for the Li-ion batteries and a DC-DC converter. It includes three different inputs along with a couple of pin connectors that are VCC and GND. Another few pins and a mini USB connector. These Solar modules can be added to Arduino Robots/ vehicles/ equipment to help them generate electricity with the help of solar. The Arduino community has already designed several robots that run on solar energy and you can find various solar panels at Arduino tech that can help you build any solar-powered Arduino tech. These solar panels range anywhere from 0.7$ all the way up to 477$. The Arduino community has several solar projects that you can look up if you don’t know where and how to get started to get a good idea on what can be accomplished with them.

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