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The best place to get Arduino kits, Parts and a lot more


If you’re looking for anything Arduino then Arduino Tech is the place to go,

We have virtually everything that you could ever need from boards to kits to microcontrollers but before we get into any details there is one question that needs to be answered first.


What are Arduino Projects?

Arduino is an open-sourced platform for electronics that are based on easy to use software and hardware. These Arduino boards usually take in inputs like pressing a button or registering a fingerprint and even a tweet and give out outputs in the form of activating a motor or various different kinds of response. These boards can be configured by using the Arduino Programming Language which is based on Wiring (An open-source programming framework for Microcontrollers)


The Arduino project started in 2005 as a program for students studying at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy. Its main aim was to provide students, teachers, and others with a cheap and easy way to make novice to advanced gadgets that interacted with the environment using sensors and actuators. Examples of such devices would include Motion detectors, Robots, and sensors.


Since then, Arduino has been used for hundreds of thousands of Arduino projects by students, professionals, and enthusiasts creating a worldwide community built on utilizing Arduino to its full extent.


Why use Arduino?

Arduino has a number of advantages on its side. From having a worldwide community of teachers, students, designers, architects, etc built around it to help you out in any and all of your Arduino projects to being extremely beginner friendly with easy to use software while not limiting more advanced users.


Many other microcontroller platforms like Stamp, Netmedia’s, BX-24, Phidgets, Parallax Basics offer similar functionalities to its users but only Adruino makes using it super simple by providing the below functionalities and features.



Arduino software runs on all the major operating systems which include MAC, Windows and Linux.



Arduino boards are relatively cheap compared to other manufacturers. One of the least expensive Arduino Boards can be assembled by hand while preexisting boards are priced at around 50$


Programming Language:

The Arduino Software (IDE) is simple and works for both beginners and more advanced users.


Open Sourced: Both the Software and Hardware for Arduino are based on open sourced content making it more transparent to its users and empowering people to work on independent Arduino projects and adapt it to their particular needs without worrying about any firewalls.


So now that we’ve talked about what Arduino is and what it can do for you. The other question is where can you buy them? This is answered by Arduino Tech, A place that can get you all the parts you need at the absolute cheapest price. Not convinced?

Here are are some of the reasons you would want to use Arduino Tech to buy your Arduino Gadgets,


Free Delivery Worldwide:

Arduino Tech delivers its products to anywhere in the world for free. Each deal on Arduino projects will include free shipping.


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We find the best prices worldwide on Arduino projects so you don’t have to.


The Best Deals:

Arduino Tech promises to offer you the best deal while you’re shopping for products as best as they can.


Extensive Library:

The Arduino Tech website sports a whole range of gadgets relating to Arduino projects ranging from Development Boards, Complete Kits, Microcontrollers, Parts & Components, Programming, Robots and Solars to Raspberry Pie.

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