If you’re keen on getting your project started but don’t know how or where to begin then an Arduino Kit is the perfect choice for you but before we get started on then, lets take a look at what an Arduino is.

The Arduino is a small microcontroller board that can be programmed to read information (inputs) from its surroundings and then relay that information to the world around it (Output). The input can be anything from a potentiometer, buttons, sensors, cameras or even a toaster. The output is in the form of an LED, motor and virtually anything else.

There are several different kinds of Arduino boards with some of the most popular being Arduino UNO, but the Arduino nano and mega are also very popular among the community.

Using An Arduino Starter Kit:
Getting started with Arduino is super easy and can be learned by almost anyone. The programming and electronics required are easy to use and build which only adds to its convenience. However, it can be a little intimidating in the beginning when you really don’t know what the Arduino is capable of. When you’re experimenting with Arduino, One of the easiest ways to learn is by doing projects.

How To Get Started With Arduino
In our opinion, The best way to get started with Arduino as a beginner or even someone with experience is with an Arduino kit. An Arduino kit contains all the components that you would need to start a specific project.

Your first project can be as simple as turning a light on or getting a blinking LED. It might seem simple at first but learning these things can eventually turn out to be much more powerful and useful than one would think. Learning how to control an LED will get you the technical expertise to virtually control anything from lamps to refrigerators.

There is a huge variety of Arduino Kits and choosing one might seem a little complicated. The things you should keep in mind while picking one is what kind of project you want to do and how much money you’re willing to spend on the kit. Prices for Arduino Kits can start from as low as 1$ to as high as 300$ so choose wisely.

Arduino kits can be used for making anything from Carbon monoxide detectors, LED indicators, Robots, Controllers and a whole lot of other things.

What Do You Get In An Arduino Kit?
Arduino: The most important part of the kit is the Arduino itself.
Breadboard: The breadboard is used while experimenting with circuits without the need for soldering wires.
LEDs: Some kits come with several LED’s of various colors for use.
USB Cable: The USB cable connects to the Arduino board to the PC for uploading and executing the code.

Some other things that are included in the Kit include, 40x pin header, Ceramic Capacitor, H bridge, Accelerometer, DC motor, Optocoupler, Resistors, Slide switch, 7-Segment display, Rotary Encoder and other parts that are more specific to your project.

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