10 Pcs SMD Micro DC Vibration Motor 1500PRM 4.8MM x 4.5MM


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Feature: 1500PRM high rotary speed, SMD SMT Mount type
Operating environment: -20C to +60C
Save environment::-30C to +70C
Replacement Vibration Mute Module Repair Parts for Cell Phone
Replaces broken or damaged Cell Phone Vibration Mute Module


1. Oscillator Size: 3 x 4mm
2. Main Color: Silver Tone
3. Rated: DC 1.5V 0.07A/DC 2V 0.09A/DC 3V 0.13A
4. Material: Electric Part
5. Rotary Speed: 1500PRM
6. MPN Does not apply
7. Body Size: 8*4.08*4.28mm
Package Included:
10 x Cell Phone SMD Micro DC Vibration Motor 1500PRM