100pcs Cjmcu Rgb WS2812B 4Pin Full Color Drive LED Lights For Arduino


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● Smart reverse polarity protection, reverse power supply will not damage the IC.
● IC control circuit and LED point light source share a power supply.
● control circuit and RGB chip integrated in a 5050 package components, constitute a complete external control pixel.
● Built-in signal shaping circuit, every pixel shaping and then output after receiving the signal waveform shaping to ensure that the waveform distortion
   will not be accumulated line.
● Built-in power-on reset and power-down reset circuit.
● Three primary colors of each pixel can achieve 256 levels of brightness display, complete 16777216 colors of the true color display, scanning
    frequency of not less than 400Hz/s.
● Serial cascade interface, can complete the data reception and decoding through a signal cable.
● No need adding any circuit when any two-point transmission distance is no more than 5 meters .
● When the refresh rate is 30 frames per second, the concatenation number is not less than 1024 points.
● Data transmission speed up to 800Kbps.
● The color of the light is highly consistent and cost-effective.


● LED full-color light-emitting string lights, LED full-color module, LED full-color flexible strip light bar, LED guardrail tube.
● LED point light source, LED pixel screen, LED profiled screen, all kinds of electronic products, electrical equipment Marquee.

Package included:

100 x 4Pin Full Color Drive LED Lights