10Pcs CD4017 Light Water Voice Control Water Lamp Electronic DIY Kit


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10Pcs CD4017 Light Water Kit Voice Control Water Lamp Kit Electronic DIY Kit


The circuit is easy to install, just need to correct welding, after completed soldering, you can normally use it.
The microphone turn the external sound into a current signal, amplified by a transistor Q1 into the integrated circuit U1.
U1 has 10 output terminal, respectively control an LED light tube.
The volume and frequency of the sound control the brightness and the number of the light emitting brightness of the luminotron.
The louder the sound, the brighter the LED, the more number of light.


We don't offer any manuals, only has schematic, please note about this before you buy it, sorry for the inconvenience.

Package included:

10 x CD4017 Light Water Kit