12V 5A DIY Electronic Semiconductor Refrigerator Radiator Cooling Film Equipment


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Size: 15.1 x 9.8 x 9.6cm
Internal resistance: 2.1 ~ 2.4Ω (ambient temperature 23 ± 1 ℃, 1kHZ Ac test)
Maximum temperature difference: Tmax (Qc = 0) 67 ℃ or more.
Operating current: Imax = 4-4.6A (rated at 12V)
Rated voltage: 12V (Vmax: 15V starting current 5.8A)
Cooling power: max50-60W
Working environment temperature range: -55 ℃ ~ 83 ℃
Working current: 5A
Working voltage: 12V
Material: Copper-clad Laminate, metal, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Colour: silver black
Simple operation, strong practicability.
Fast cooling, outstanding effect.
Note: The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.
Package included:
1 x Refrigerator Radiator

Test, for reference only! the power supply and thermometer does not includes: