16X32 Colorful Music Spectrum STM32 LED Lights Frequency Display Assembled Dot Matrix Board


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How it display:

Display Description:

1. The display is a new P6 16X32RGB colorful display.
2. The total screen length 192MM, width 96MM, physical pixels 16X32, point spacing 6MM.
3. The control card CPU using STM32F103C8T6.
4. This item is DIY production, no shell packaging (bare screen). Suitable for enthusiasts who has STM32 based, the default has installed the spectrum program, if you need other effects, please download and install program yourself.
Display Features:
Spectrum display: Through the control card K2, K3 button to set the color of the bar and floating point, after setting the parameters are automatically saved, the brightness is not adjustable.
Bar color: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, green, white
Floating point color: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, green, white
Package includes:
1 x Control board
1 x Dot matrix screen
2 x Cable