3Pcs D213 Opto-isolator ILD213T Breakout Module Optoisolator Microcontroller Board For Arduino


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The Opto-isolator Breakout Board which uses the ILD213T optoisolator and discrete transistors to correct the logic. 
Comes with two channels can help you to connect digital systems (like a 5V microcontroller) to a high-voltage or noisy system. 
It electrically isolates a controller from the high-power system by use of an opto-isolator IC. 
This IC has two LEDs and two photodiodes built-in. 
This allows the low-voltage side to control a high voltage side.
This board will isolate the systems, creating a type of electrical noise barrier between devices.
You can use this board to allow a microcontroller control servos or other motors that use a higher voltage than the TTL logic on the (3.3V or 5V) micro, and may cause electromagnetic interferance with our system as the motors turn on and off.
Package includes:
3 x D213 Opto-isolator Breakout