3pcs DC 3.7-6V 1-3A 400KV Pulse High Voltage Generator Inverter Transformer Boost Power Module



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Input voltage: 3.7-6V
Input current: 1-3A
Type: High voltage power supply
Modulation Method: Pulse width modulation (PWM) type
Transistor Connection method: Other
Output power: 8 (W)
Output voltage: 400KV
Working efficiency: 88%
Output ripple noise: 55
Output voltage accuracy of 95%
Voltage regulation 85%
High voltage bipolar discharge distance: 10-20mm
Size: 38 x 41mm (L x H)
Weight: 30g


1. This module used for the production of science with high voltage inverter transformer and booster module.

2. Finished product after input DC4.8-7.2 V voltage can be obtained at the output end of around 500000-1000000 volts dc high voltage arc (about 1-2 cm).

3. It can be used as a high school science experiment, electronic instruments, small anion generator, scientific production of high voltage source is used.

4. Because of high power, low heat-sinking capability of the internal, the module can't work for long time.

5. Small size and high efficiency.


1. We provide clear pictures, measurements where possible. Please check as much as possible to make sure the item is the one that you need.

2. Avoid power on when No load.You must adjust the appropriate distance for high-voltage terminal before power on.The longer Arcing distance,the higher input voltage and battery capacity.

3. It is prohibited exceed the maximum arcing distance.Otherwise,Energy can not be released due to high pressure, easily damaged modules.

4. Please connect it to metal after test to release surplus energy!

5. It is a high-pressure arc generator and not high temperature arc generator so it can not ignite paper or cigarette.

6. It Can not work long time.

Package included:

3 x High voltage inverter