4WD Smart Robot Car Kit with Installation Tutorial & Demo Code for Arduino


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The installation tutorial for your reference. Please cilck here.


The kit is Bluetooth remote control smart car kit that is designed for Ar duino development.
The kit can help you learn Ar duino programming and learn how to make interesting projects, such as ultrasonic distance measurement and display, Bluetooth remote control smart car.

About the motor:

– Operating voltage: 3V-6VDC
– No-load speed: 125 rpm @ 3V, 208 rpm @ 5V
– No-load current: 150mA@3V, 175mA@5V
– Reduction ratio: 1:48
– Torque: 0.8kg.cm (max)

About the wheels:

1. The tire outer diameter: about 66mm
2. Internal diameter: about 51.8mm
3. Inner frame shaft diameter straight: about 13.8mm
4. Shaft hole width: about 3.66mm
5. Shaft hole length: about 5.3mm
About the UNO R3 mainboard:

– Digital I / O digital input / output terminal: 0 to 13.
– Analog I / O Analog inputs / outputs: 0 to 5.
– Support ISP download function.
– Input voltage: No external power supply when connected to the computer USB, external power supply 5V ~ 9V DC voltage input.
– Output voltage: 5V / 3.3V DC.
– Using Atmel Atmega328 microprocessor controller.

About the IO Expansion Board:

1. Compatible with OPEN-SMART UNO R3, Leonardo R3, Mega2560 R3
2. On-board reset circuit, power supply and reset indicator.
3. The pin pitch of the pin header is 2.54mm

About the Clock digital tube module:

– The display device is a 4-bit compositive red character digital tube
– Digital tube 8 grayscale adjustable
– Control interface level can be 5V or 3.3V
– 4 M2 screw locating holes for easy installation

About the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module

1. Use voltage: DC5V
2. Quiescent current: less than 2mA
3. level output: high 5V
4. Level output: bottom 0V
5. Sensing angle: no more than 15 degrees
6. Detection distance: 2cm-450cm
7. High precision: up to 0.3cm
Package Included:

1 x 4WD Smart Robot Car Kit 

1 x UNO R3 Development Board, 
1 x 50 cm USB cable, 
1 x IO expansion board, 
1 x 3mm Acrylic Car Chassis, 
4 x geared motor with 15cm cable, 
8 x Acrylic Motor Mounts, 
4 x wheels, 
1 x Green PCB (185X100X1.6MM), 
1 x L298N Motor Drive Module, 
1 x Serial Bluetooth Module, 
1 x ultrasonic sensor module, 
1 x Ultrasonic Sensor Acrylic Bracket,
1 x 40P Female to Female DuPont Line (20cm), 
1 x 14500 battery compartment ]