5pcs 5S Lithium Battery 21V 18V Protection Board Li-ion Lithium Battery Cell



Charging voltage:21 V
Charge MOS pressure value:35 V
Discharge MOS pressure value:35 V
Charging current:56 A
Continuous discharge current:15 A
Over current protection:50/55/60 A
Over current protection delay:20/25/30 mS
Single section since the power consumption:30 uA
Single section between the power consumption:3 uA
Single section over charge detection voltage:4.18- /4.22V
Over charge recovery voltage 4.05- 4.15 V
Over charge detection delay:0.5/1.0/2.0S
Single section over discharge detection voltage:2.75-2.85 V
Over discharge recovery voltage:2.90-3.20 V
Over discharge detection delay:0.5-2.0S
Short / over / over current protection recovery short circuit / over discharge / over current protection after removal of load auto recovery
Short circuit protection delay 200/500/600 uS
The normal working state of B- to P- resistance:5 mΩ
Continuous 15A current maximum temperature rise:25 ℃
Working environment (humidity) relative humidity: ≥98% (long-term stability under the humidity)
Working environment (temperature) -30 ~ 80℃(in the lower temperature range of long-term stability)
Size 60*23mm

Package included:

5 x Protection Board
5 x Wire