DC 12V 24V 36V 48V PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Meimotor High Power 10A With Housing


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Technical Parameters:
Model: CCM96SK
Potentiometer: Resistance B100K; opening 8mm
Input voltage: DC10-60V
Output voltage: 0-100% of input voltage
Control power: 12V*10A=120W, 24V*10A=240W,…
Rated current: 10A
Maximum current: 20A
Speed range: 5%-100%
Size: 88mm*59mm*35mm
PWM frequency: 25kHz
Precautions and instructions for use:
1. DC motor speed controller input is DC, not directly connected to AC, otherwise it will burn out
2. The positive and negative DC power supply can not be reversed, otherwise the governor will be damaged.
3. The motor can be divided into positive and negative. When the direction of movement is inconsistent with the expectation,
the direction can be changed by adjusting the line sequence.
4. The potentiometer knob can change the duty cycle of the speed control output, thus changing the motor speed.

Package included:

1 x DC 12V 24V 36V 48V PWM DC Motor Speed Controller