DC 12V To 24V 2X80W XH-M567 Dual Channel Digital Amplifier Board


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Product model number: XH-M567
Chip type: TPA3116D2
Chip protection: overvoltage undervoltage superheat DC detection short circuit
Supply voltage: DC 12V to 24V
Output power: 80W X 2
Power efficiency > 90%
Number of channels: double channel output
Size: 60*32*14mm (length*width*height)
Weight: about 40g
TPA3116D2 chip features:
1. High-efficiency class D operation, with > 90% power efficiency and low idle loss characteristics, advanced modulation system configuration, multiple switching frequencies, and AM interference prevention;
2. The TPA3116D2 advanced oscillator / PLL circuit uses multiple switching frequency options to suppress AM interference. When used with the master-slave mode option, multiple devices can also be synchronized;
3. The TPA3116D2 device provides comprehensive protection against short circuit, overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage and DC faults. In the event of an overload condition, the device reports the fault condition to the processor, thereby avoiding its own damage.
The general power supply and power amplifier should be kept at a certain distance to avoid electromagnetic interference. It is better to use a high quality power supply and the power supply will be stable. If you use a power supply such as a transformer, it is best to cover the transformer with a metal cover to prevent electromagnetic interference.
Package included:
1 X XH-M567 double channel digital amplifier board