DIY Booster High Voltage Generator Plasma Music Arc Speaker ZVS Tesla Coil Kit


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This mini-Tesla arc plasma speakers in the actual experience compared to traditional
speakers in the high-frequency sound better, and compared to spark plasma arc plasma
speaker with good sound quality, can play any music, no need to grounding, easy to use and so on;


PCB board size: 37*77 mm
Power input voltage: DC 12 V,
Current: 5 A,
Power supply: more than 60W,
below 12 V 5 A power supply cannot work normally,
higher than 14 V is easy to damage
Output: 20 KV DC pulse arc music, high arc temperature

Driver board kit parts, need to assemble their own
Video link


1. After turning on the power, turn the switch on from the inside to the outside can be open the power supply.
2. Ignition coil primary with a conductor lead twining 8 laps can be.
3. Ignition coil of the thickest of the output wire is the positive pole. The second pin on the side of the pinout is the output negative. The other two smaller leads are of little use.
4. When pull arc, the negative need to use a thick conductor to pull arc, it is recommended that the diameter of more than 1 mm of copper wire, smaller line discharge will burn more quickly. Do not directly on the Ignition coil negative pin discharge, it is easy to burn the pin. Need to conductor lead out to discharge can be.

Package included:

1 x DIY Booster high voltage generator plasma music arc speaker ZVS Tesla coil kit