DIY LCD/LED Screen Controller Board Monitor Kit For M.NT68676.2A Input Interface HDMI+DVI+VGA+Audio


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Style: LCD Controller Board DIY Assembly Kit
Type: M.NT68676.2
Input Interface: HDMI,DVI,VGA
Material: Plastic, Metal
Contrast: 800:1
Pixel: 1024*768
Dot Pitch: 1mm
Response Time: 10ms
Size: 139 x 58 x 17mm


This is a great set of easy-reassembling LCD controller kit which is used to turn a bare LCD panel into a desktop/PC monitor.

It will be a surprise that your bare LCD will be of good use, and no longer be a waste. Or it is a very insteresting things that we make a monitor successfully by ourselves.

It supports most of the LCD panel from 12.1" with a LVDS interface and a resolution lower than 1024*768, plug&play kit, no need soldering.

Package included:

1 x Controller board kit