Geekcreit DIY Aurora LED Colorful Light Cube Chromatography Glass Clock Kit


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Since 2015.8.17, this kit not included the battery


Use LED to produce different colors instead of numbers, if you need to know the current time, you may need some mental and memory activity (for example, as shown in the figure time is: 17: 31: 48). Additional upside down will be placed in "binary" mode to switch the display time.
Also have the Gravity sensor

① four-way gravity sensor switch various settings interface.
② use 10mm brushed bright full-color LED
③ two touch button operation settings
④ high permeability enhancement refraction vials
⑤ join with temperature compensation ultra-precise clock chip DS3231, access to back-up battery power is still accurate travel.
⑥ "upright" and "upside down" display can be switched separately "chromatography" and "binary" mode displays the time
⑦ automatically follow environmental brightness adjustment LED brightness

Setting Menu:

1, upright placed chromatographic display time, press any touch key displays the "temperature" in the middle.
2, Leaning forward, press add button you can set whether the whole point of open slightest sound of the buzzer, after closing buzzer only flashes to remind.
3, Leaning forward, press set key to enter the time setting interface
4, Backward tilt place, press add button is turned on the alarm (the middle two LED lights up after opening), press set to enter alarm setting.
5, upside down placed switch to the "binary" display mode, pink stands for "hours", blue for "minute."

White – red – orange – yellow – green – indigo – cyan – blue – purple – pink represent 0-9

Manual here !!!

Package included:

1 x DIY Aurora LED Color Light Cube Chromatography Glass Clock Kit