Geekcreit DIY C51 Touch Control Keys Full Color LED Aurora Tower Kit


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① Use 28Pcs of full-color RGB 10MM LED produced. Let matte white color is more pure scattering.
② 10CM x 10CM PCB board, With full-color LED light-emitting effect is more prominent. 
③ The above program was designed 23 kinds of display modes. Each display are carefully debugging, will not let you down.
④ LED array in three circles, From inside to outside, forming a unique design of different height
⑤ Using "touch button" to switch for each display mode. There are power and memory function, automatic power-on time after switching display modes, without repeated switching

Mode List:

1, Outward diffusion gradient Aurora LED mode
2, Clockwise change color of water droplets tailing effect (From head to tail of each LED brightness varies)
3, Anticlockwise water droplets tailing
4, Layer by layer fade gradually eliminate change color
5, Each ring LED full-color gradient
6, Random LED lightning mode
7, Random 4 LED alternately breathing transformation
8, "Y" rotation (Like the English letter Y)
9, Random layer and color breathing
10, Three laps LED full-color gradient
11, Clockwise color effect  water droplets tailing
12, Internal and external diffusion LED Aurora gradient mode 
13, Rainbow gradient mode
14, A LED color random breath
15, A variety of all LED breathing patterns 
16, Constantly changing color of water droplets tailing
17, Random full light and Random Off
18, Random four color breathing effect
19, Random color exterminate
20, All LED full-color gradient
21, Random 7of all LED after getting brighter gradually eliminate
22, Random two color water droplets tailing (Similar The Bagua Zhen)
23, Random 4 LED's "stars" effect


Please click  here to down the manual,so that you can know how to build it

Package included:

1 x DIY Full Color LED Touch Keys Aurora Towers Kit