Geekcreit Large Size 1 Inch DIY DS3231 Light Control Rotation Oval Shape LED Electronic Clock Kit



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Package included housing, without housing version: product ID 1132729

Documents download:

Circuit diagram:

Optional Color: (With housing version)

Red digital tube + Red/Green circle LEDs
Blue digital tube + Red/Green circle LEDs
White digital tube + Red/Green circle LEDs
Green digital tube + Red/Green circle LEDs
Red digital tube + Red/Blue circle LEDs
Blue digital tube + Red/Blue circle LEDs
White digital tube + Red/Blue circle LEDs
Green digital tube + Red/Blue circle LEDs

EC1620 electronic clock introduction:

Using MCU to read the clock data in DS3231, shown on the digital tube and LED. Digital tube and LED using LED special constant current drive chip TM1818 to achieve the best display effect.
Using the voice control module to output sound, to achieve voice timekeeping and alarm function. Through the button can set the time, alarm clock and other functions.

Compare with product ID:1053190:

  This product          product ID 1053190
Chip DS3231 DS1302
PCB size 100x140mm 81x81x1.6mm
Size with case 152x29x112mm 93x93x26mm
Size of digital tube 1 inch 0.56 inch
Size of LEDs 5mm 3mm
Shape of LEDs Oval Round
Sound Speaker Buzzer
USB port Micro USB Mini USB


It is assumed that users have soldering skills and troubleshooting skills to assemble this kit. Buyers are advised that due to skills of user is involved in assembly it is not guaranteed every kit will end up being a working device. But we will make as much efforts as we can to approach that goal.
When soldering the SMDs, the temperature can not too high, otherwise there is the risk of bad soldering.
Please note that the direction of LED, LED long legs for the positive.
The second digital tube's point is in the bottom, is different with the other three points.
RT1 is a thermistor, RL1 is a photosensitive resistor. And the length of the pin should be enough to extend out of the shell.
The speaker is connected to the O1 and O2 of the voice module and is glued to the lower right corner of the circuit board with a double-sided adhesive tape.
Please be sure to finish soldering the back side of the components and then soldering the digital tube.


Power: DC3V-DC5V (Adapter does not includes)
Working current: <250MA
Alarm current: <500mA
Due to the relatively large working current, please use the high quality 5V1A power supply.

Function Specification
Voice timekeeping Support Chinese and English voice
Light control function Intelligent dimming
Temperature display Celsius and Fahrenheit selection
12/24 hour system Can be set to 12/24 hour display
Circle LED mode setting 12 modes can be set
Turn off the LED lights LED can be closed, leaving only digital tube display
Timekeeping Can set the time period of the time (after the set can automatically report time)
The voice timekeeping Support Chinese and English voice (need to press the button to report time, in the time display state, press the PLUS key to report the current time)
Alarm setting 3 alarm clock can be set
Alarm tone setting 12 ringtones are available
Temperature calibration There may be ± 1 ° error
Take turns the display function Year, month, day, hour, minute, temperature rotation display
Turn off the take turns display function When the rotation display is turned off, the time is displayed statically
Power off time saving funcion One free button battery
Time adjustment Can be adjusted to seconds
Digital tube color selection Red, green and blue optional
LED color selection Red and blue / red and green optional
USB power Circuit board 5V power supply
Housing YES

Package includes:

1 x DIY clock kit