High Speed USB Universial VS4000 EPROM Burner Programmer For 15000 IC


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1. Model: VS4000
2. Supported Devices: 15000
3. Locking Socket: 40 pins (common )
4. Driven pins on socket in power: Part of 40 pins
5. Interface: USB 2.0(Type B)
6. Power supply: By USB
7. LCD Display: LED indicator
8. Work off-line: No
9. Operating key: No
10. Programming Speed(SST25VF080 for example): 28S
11. Gane programming umbers: 1
12. Update: Updated by software (if the hardware can provide needed power & the programming timing wave of the device you want to add is known)
13. Size: 14.5 x 11 x 2.5mm

In order to improve the user's efficiency and avoid errors, VSpeed programmer / writer can combine erase, check, programming, comparison, encryption and other functions into a key programming. According to the different programming / burning objects, the default one click programming contains different operation items. Users can change the operation items according to their own needs, and can do some step by step separately. After you shut down the software, restart the software without repeating the previous program, VS4000 will remember the program before it was loaded. Friendly, concise, easy to understand software interface to help you complete your work better. And there are simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English three languages freely switch.


1. Using 40 pins universal locking seat. Selective partial drive (adding support function to some conditionally supported chips based on the supplied IC data)
2. Enjoy the free software upgrade, in our official website can be downloaded to the free software updates. Follow up will add more IC chip support, so that you buy the program is always the latest, enjoy the VIP service.
3. USB2.0 and PC machine online operation, without external power supply, easy to use and carry.
4. Software compatible with Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7.
5. Careful self protection. Effectively ensure that the user IC and programmer / burner itself are not damaged.

Package included:

1 x EPROM Programmer
1 x Cable
1 x DVD