Human Body Infrared Induction Control Switch Pyroelectric LED Control Module Test Switch Module


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1. Operating voltage: 9-24V
2. Working current: 2A
3. Load power: 50W
4. Quiescent current: 3mA
5. Sensing distance: 30-60CM (adjustable)
6. Sensing angle: 120 °
7. Working Brightness: 100%
8. Delay time: 5S-80Min adjustable
9. Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ – +40 ℃
10. Size: 40 * 10 * 1.2 (mm)
(Note: test conditions Vin = 24V)

Instructions for use:

1, intelligent test, people to light, people take the lights off.
2, the effective continued to open, when the body continued activity in the test area,
the module continues to open the effective state.
3, timing delay, when the body stops in the test zone activities,
Module delay time (factory can be set), the automatic shutdown output.
4, short-time-locked anti-mis-trigger function, the moment in the closed output,
Module that is into the 0.5s-2s of the latch time, when the human body action signal is invalid.

1. To avoid the airflow, temperature changes significantly,
severe electromagnetic interference or shaking environment,
So as not to cause false triggering products and immortal phenomenon.
2. Please use within the guidance parameters, so as to avoid damage to the module.
3. The module is suitable for DC load such as LED, not suitable for white flag lights or other AC control load
4. The initial power-on, due to power stability problems,
there may be the first automatic light or delay time longer phenomenon,
Not a fault!

1. Sensor switch does not move, the load light does not shine
① Check whether there is power supply and check wiring is correct
② If the wiring and power supply is normal, hand cover the sensor head, switch can be connected.

2. After the switch is switched on, it is always on
① covered with a cloth or other things sensor head, light off you can
② determine the sensor is not adjacent to the circulating air, heaters,
whether the use of incandescent bulbs or heat more powerful lamps.
Exchange position or change the low-power lamps can be.

3. Switch self-extinguished
Make sure the sensor is not adjacent to the circulating air, heater,
Whether the use of incandescent bulbs or heat more powerful lamps.
Change the location or change the low-power lamps can be.

Package included:

1 x Human body infrared induction control switch