The Advanced Learning Kit For Raspberry Pi


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The Advanced Learning Kit For Raspberry Pi


This is the advanced version of the Raspberry Pi learning package, it more than some of the more interesting suit beginners and more powerful modules, more suitable for the Raspberry Pi foundation enthusiasts.
Advanced Edition provides a richer learning materials, as well as more creative space.
It does not contain Raspberry Pi development board, if you have a Raspberry Pi development board, you can use them to make some interesting interactive projects.
Raspberry Pi is a sophisticated card-type computer, through this package we can learn from the knowledge of linux operating system, and based on the Raspberry Pi debian (on linux) system C, python programming languages such as sensors and learning as well as related module to send the above application in raspberries.
If you are a fan of arduino, however, arduino and Raspberry Pi is the best partner.
You can make more creative DIY work through resource arduino strong community support and a wealth of third-party libraries into the Raspberry Pi and powerful features allow you to support a steady stream of ideas and inspiration!

Package included:

5 x LED lights (Red)
5 x LED lights (Blue)
5 x LED lights (Yellow)
8 x Resistors 220R
5 x Resistors 1K
5 x Resistors 10K
1 x DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor
1 x DS3231 Precision Clock
1 x PCF8591 AD / DA converter module
1 x Button Switch (Yellow/bag)
1 x Infrared receiver element
1 x LM35 element
1 x Fire element
1 x Ball element
1 x Photosensitive element
1 x Mini LCD
1 x 40P Rainbow cable
1 x 4 * 4 keys
30 x bread line
1 x Male to female Dupont line (20 row)
1 x SR04 Ultrasonic
1 x 10MM full-color highlighting sensor
1 x Household appliances control module
1 x Raspberry Pi GPIO V2 expansion board
1 x 830 hole bread board
1 x MAX7219 dot matrix module
1 x 9G servos
1 x ULN2003 driver board
1 x Black remote control
1 x 5V stepper motor
1 x 50K adjustable potentiometer
1 x 801S vibration sensor
1 x PS2 joystick module
1 x Four digital tube
1 x One digital tube
1 x 74H595 IC