TPA3116D2 DC 8V To 25V 100W Single / Dual Channnel Digital Amplifier Board Subwoofer Amplifier Board


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PCB size: 75*60mm (length*width)
Power usage range: DC 8V to 25V
Power interface: standard 5.5mm power jack
Output power: 
singal channel output: 100W
double channel output: 50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel), efficiency up to 90%
1. Turning the knob left to the bottom is the off state;
2. Right operation: first connect the external power supply and power connector of the digital amplifier, and then connect the 220V power cord of the external power supply to the mains outlet;
3. Incorrect operation: connect the mains interface of the external power supply first, and then input the output interface of the external power supply to the digital amplifier.
Because the digital amplifier has a filter capacitor, this capacitor charges and discharges, producing a low-voltage spark within 0.1 seconds of contact.
Pcakage included:
1 X TPA3116D2 digital amplifier board